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Hydra’s Secret History and the Riddle of Its Name

  I remember growing up on Hydra every summer in the 1980s, leaving my Salt Lake City, Utah home, to go to our family home on my father’s native island in Greece. A history-obsessed youth (not much has changed) I found...

The Most Famous Creatures from Greek Mythology

There are many stories in Greek mythology as well as creatures, which are supernatural beings, by powers and abilities, mostly immortal. These strange and sometimes terrifying creatures were used according to Greek mythology by the gods. They were sent to protect someone or something or simply to cause fear.

Hydra Honors Greek Heroes of Argentina’s War of Independence

The island of Hydra honored the Greek heroes of the Independence War of Argentina, Nickolas Kolmaniatis and Samuel Spiro, in a special event on Friday. The event was organized by Hydra Mayor Georgios Koukoudakis in memory of the two national...