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Leonard Cohen Series Starts Shooting on Greece’s Hydra Island

A new TV series about the late singer, songwriter, and novelist Leonard Cohen is being filmed on the Greek island of Hydra. The series will star Alex Wolff as Leonard Cohen and Thea Sofie Loch Næss as his muse...

Maye Musk Lauds Beauty of Greek Island of Hydra

Elon Musk’s mother Maye Musk continues to tour the Greek islands of the Aegean, and lauds the beauty of Hydra in her latest post on social media. The author, model and dietician shared photos of her day trip to the...

The Top Destinations for Greek Easter

With Greek Orthodox Easter fast approaching, Greeks and tourists alike are planning to rush out of urban centers in order to enjoy the unique holiday customs found in destinations across the country. While there are some shared Easter traditions throughout...

Fireships: How Greece’s Daring Sailors Destroyed the Turkish Fleet

The fireships were a weapon of necessity used by the skilled sailors of the Greek navy to a devastating, asymmetric effect during the Greek War of Independence.

Haunting Video Emerges of Greek Destroyer Sunk in 1941

A team of Greek divers recently explored the wreck of Greek destroyer "Hydra," which was sunk by the Germans in 1941 in the Saronic Gulf, south of Athens. Divers Errikos Kranidiotis and Stelios Stamatakis captured the haunting images of the...

How Sophia Loren Made Hollywood Fall in Love With Greece

Sophia Loren, the great Italian actress, was the star of the first Hollywood movie ever shot in Greece, on the majestic island of of Hydra.

The Greek Sailor From Hydra Who Became War Hero in Argentina

A Greek sailor from Hydra named Nicholas Kolmaniatis, who would be known most of his life as Nicholas Jorge, became a war hero in Argentina in the 19th century. As a Hydriot, I had been raised on a pantheon of...

Leonard Cohen Lives on Forever on Greek Island of Hydra

Influential singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen was continuously inspired by the Greek island of Hydra throughout his long career.

Hydra, Where the Modern Greek Merchant Marine Began

Most Greeks have substantial familiarity with the graphically gorgeous island of Hydra due to the island's protagonist role in the epic struggle of the Greek War of Independence. Most non-Greeks familiar with the island know it as a place of...

Greece’s Hydra Boasts the World’s Oldest Merchant Marine Academy

Rising from Hydra’s pier, there is a stately mansion housing the world’s oldest continuously operating merchant marine academy.