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The Most Stunning Ancient Villages in Greece

Greece has some true hidden gems when it comes to its ancient villages. Tourism has yet to spoil these towns that are steeped in history.

Greek Village Boasts True Descendants of Spartans

There is a Greek village in Mani, Peloponnese, called Neochori, where its residents boast they are true descendants of ancient Sparta.

The Charming Villages of Mount Pelion, Greece

Taking a trip to Mt. Pelion in Greece in autumn after the heat of summer is gone when the leaves change colors to beautiful shades of orange and red can be like a fairy tale. Mt. Pelion, located in the...

A Forgotten Greece: The Pomakochoria

The Pomakochoria in the Thrace region in Greece are villages were Pomaks, a Muslim minority, live in the Rhodope mountain range.

Ten Lesser-Known Greek Villages and Towns That Will Blow Your Mind

Justly renowned for its seaside resorts and its endless beaches, Greece also hides some places which are either completely unknown or little known to the outside world. However, these gems definitely offer unique scenery and are of great cultural...

Ten Traditional Greek Villages Waiting to be Explored

The Greek villages represent an incredible alternative for those looking to get away from the busy rhythm of the islands and beaches

Huge Wildfire Threatens Greek Villages in Southern Albania (video)

At least 10 Greek villages in southern Albania are under threat of a blaze that has enveloped the area since Wednesday. Greek firefighting planes have been dispatched to assist the efforts of local authorities to control the fire. In the municipality...

Greek Village Residents from Donetsk Sent to Greece for Medical Care

Fifty one residents of a Greek village in the Russian-speaking region of Donetsk will be transferred to Greece for medical rehabilitation with expenses covered by Russian Greek Diaspora Organizations. “The Greek Diaspora in Russia will undertake the expenses related to the...

Greek Families Dream of Their Children Going to University

For years, summertime in Greece has been correlated with the stress of young students waiting to find out if they have gathered enough points to enter a university, according to "The Irish Times" journalist Richard Pine. In some cases,...