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Giorgos Seferis: The First Greek Poet to Win the Nobel Prize

On December 10, 1963, Greek diplomat and poet Giorgos Seferis was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature by King Gustav of Sweden.

Yannis Ritsos: The Greatest Greek Poet of His Time

When Yannis Ritsos passed away on November 11, 1990, the world of poetry lost one of the greatest poets of the 20th century.

Dinos Christianopoulos, ‘The Poet of Thessaloniki’ Was Rebetiko Scholar

The poet of Thessaloniki and rebetiko scholar Dinos Christianopoulos died in August of 2020, but he left behind him a rich and diverse poetic legacy that will never be forgotten in Greece. He was born in Thessaloniki in 1931—the beautiful...

Cavafy: The Greek Poet Master at Saying a Lot with Very Little

Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis brought an international aura to modern Greek poetry, by being a master at saying a lot with very little.

Greek Academic Dimitris Maronitis Passes Away at 87

Greek academic, essayist and ancient text translator Dimitris Maronitis passed away at the age of 87. The announcement of his death came from his daughter Erifyli, through social media. Dimitris Maronitis was born in 1929 in Thessaloniki. He graduated from...

A Google Map for Nikos Kavvadias' Exotic Poetic Ports

A google map user gleefully blurred the lines between reality and fiction presenting a new map that gives web users around the world the opportunity to roam free on the exotic ports and sea tales that are mentioned in the books of...

Greek Poet Titos Patrikios Gets Lerici Pea Award

Titos Patrikios, one of the most renowned poets of contemporary Europe and Greece, has suffered prison sentences, violence and exile for his political and intellectual activism. Born in 1928, the poet will be receiving the prestigious international Lerici Pea...