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Greece Adds 10 More Traditions to Its Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Greek Ministry of Culture has listed ten new cultural expressions in the national inventory for Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Greek Easter Traditions and Customs Across Greece

Greek Easter is full of ancient traditions and customs, followed faithfully throughout the millennia, making the feast a colorful one.

Greece Submits Ancient Greek blessing Custom to UNESCO

On Thursday the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport made a formal request to UNESCO for the inclusion of an ancient pre-Christian blessing custom into the Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The blessing ceremony has its roots in ancient Greece and...

Podariko: Why Greeks Select Who Sets Foot First in the House on New Year

One of the oldest customs Greeks follow with the advent of the New Year is called “podariko”, from the root pod-, or foot, roughly meaning “good foot.”

Vasilopita Recipe: Greek New Year’s Cake

The story of the Greek Orthodox custom of the vasilopita with the lucky coin inside, begins in Asia Minor, and more specifically in the city of Caesarea in Cappadocia, more than 1,600 years ago. Here's a recipe for Vasilopita...

Unusual Greek Christmas Customs

The Christmas tree, the lights, the manger, the wrapped presents under the tree, the stockings next to the fireplace, the Christmas-themed movies on TV and Netflix have become Greek customs as well, just as they are in the United...

Seven Christmas Customs That Are Uniquely Greek

Most Christmas customs like the Christmas tree, singing the carols or exchanging gifts that are observed in Western countries have become universal

New Year Traditions Across Greece

The warm festive atmosphere in the beautifully decorated Greek cities and villages is topped with customs and traditions that are revived in various regions across Greece. Smashing Pomegranate Families keep several traditions that are supposed to bring them luck for the...

Why Superstitious Greeks Fear Tuesday the 13th

When it comes to fearful dates, Friday the 13th is considered a bad luck day for most of the world. However, Greeks beg to differ and they have branded Tuesday the 13th as the bona-fide fearful day. Tuesday the 13th...

Unique Easter Traditions That Revive in Greece Each Year

Easter is celebrated in highly devout atmosphere, across every corner of Greece. It is a glorious day for Greeks since the resurrection of Christ coincides with the most beautiful phase of spring. Flowers are blooming, the trees are greener than...