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Alexander the Great Campaigns Influenced Egyptian, World Cuisine

Alexander the Great had an enormous influence on the ancient world as a result of the Greek conqueror's military campaigns, including Egypt.

Ten Greek Herbs That Can Improve Your Health

The balmy weather in the Mediterranean is the perfect environment to produce nutritious, delicious Greek herbs. These plants that have been known for centuries and are used both in cooking for their flavors as well as in medicine for their...

Greek Cuisine Ranked Number Two in the World

Greek cuisine has been ranked second among the world’s fifty best cuisines with Italy placing first and Spain placing third, according to a list prepared by The World TasteAtlas. According to the publication, each country's rating is obtained by the...

Nikolaos Tselementes: The “Father” of Greek Cookbooks

Every Greek household has a "tselemente" -- a "cookbook" that took its name after Nikolaos Tselementes, the famous chef.

Thessaloniki: The Undisputed Capital of Greek Sweets

Thessaloniki Capital of Greek Sweets

Feta vs. Halloumi: Battle of the Greek Cheeses

Halloumi and Feta may just be the most iconic food products from their respective countries of origin, Cyprus and Greece.

Greek Cuisine Rated Second Best in the World

Greek cuisine was rated the second best in the world for 2021 by TasteAtlas, a travel guide focused on international cuisines and traditional dishes. The list, which was compiled based on over 100,000 user ratings, also included the most delicious...

Astoria’s Zenon Taverna Closes After 33 Years in Business

Zenon Taverna, a staple of Greek and Cypriot cuisine for the Astoria community of Queens, New York for more than 33 years, served its last customer at the end of November. According to the Zenon Taverna website, the last day...

Mastiha: The Unique Mastic Gum of Chios People Call ‘White Gold’

Mastic, often referred to as the "Tears of Chios" or the "White Gold of Chios," is a product produced only on that particular Greek island. Since antiquity, this sticky resin, which seeps from the bark of mastic trees, has...

The Ancient Roots of Greek Souvlaki, the World’s First Fast Food

Many would think that souvlaki is a type of street food originating from the many years of Ottoman rule in Greece, but this is not true.