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The Science Behind Greek Food’s Amazing Healthy Properties

Greek food is often considered among the most healthy cuisines in the world, as it is linked to the Mediterranean diet, which has been proven to have countless health benefits. The Mediterranean diet is the utmost example of a diet...

Ten Greek Delicacies For Adventurous Foodies

We will explore some of the more extravagant Greek delicacies that you should definitely try. Here are some of the weirdest dishes.

Ten Delicious Greek Foods You Must Absolutely Try

Greece is undeniably home to some of the best, and healthiest, food to be found anywhere in the entire world.

Souvlaki Hanx: Tom Hanks Launches New Greek Restaurant Chain

It was in his beautiful island home on Antiparos that Tom Hanks got the idea to start a Greek restaurant chain in the US. The restaurant industry has taken a hit during the pandemic, and many service workers are...

There’s More to Greek Cheese Than Just Feta

The first known mention of cheese in ancient Greece was in the epic poem the "Odyssey," when Homer describes the cheese in the Cyclops' cave.

The Fig — An Iconic Greek Fruit Since Ancient Times

Figs, an iconic Greek fruit, belong to the category of the most nutritious foods and they have at least nine recognized medicinal qualities.

Ouzo Restaurant: A Taste of Greece in Santa Marta, Colombia

The ''Ouzo'' restaurant is the best choice for those who want to experience the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in Santa Marta, Colombia

The Ancient Roots of Greek Souvlaki, the World’s First Fast Food

Many would think that souvlaki is a type of street food originating from the many years of Ottoman rule in Greece, but this is not true.

Greek-Canadian Fast Food Giant Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Greek-Canadian fast food chain Opa! of Greece is celebrating 20 years of introducing Greek food to a wider Canadian clientele. The chain has contributed to the recognition of Greek cuisine in Canada and has earned a reputation based on...

Here's Another Reason why Drinking Greek Coffee is Good for You

Drinking a cup of Greek coffee each day transports you to Greece. The aroma, as well as the technique of boiling the finely ground coffee beans, all of it represents a quintessential Greek cultural experience. But, did you know...