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Gareth Owens

Has the Mystery of the Ancient Phaistos Disc Been Solved?

The mystery of the Minoan Phaistos Disc has been "solved by 99 percent" says linguist and archaeologist Gareth Owens.

The "First CD-ROM" Phaistos Disc, Stores Prayer to Mother

The first ever CD-ROM, the infamous and enigmatic Phaistos Disc that was made 4,000 years before the development of computer science, is believed to have been unscrambled by researchers of the Technological Education Institute of Crete, Greece.  According to Dr....

This Summer, Scientists Will Reveal the Context of the Phaistos Disc

A huge scientific breakthrough thousands of years in the making is imminent this summer, with experts claiming that they will soon be able to decode the Phaistos Disc, having decrypted almost 90 percent of its symbols. According to the International Relations Office of...