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Floods Hit Evia, Greece Following Storm ‘Elias’

The northern part of the island of Evia, Greece was hit by floods on Wednesday following torrential rains brought on by the weather system Elias. More than 40 homes in the town of Rovies on the island's northwest coast have...

Rovies Food Festival Draws on Evia’s Ancient Gastronomic Heritage

Rovies food festival in Evia, Greece, promotes sustainable food consumption practices through a series of interactive activities for guests.

Lichadonisia: Experience the Mythical and Exotic Greek Islets

There is history and mythology abounding throughout Greece, and the exotic Greek islands of Lichadonisia are no exception. The enticing, magical tales of the creation of this island complex located northeast of Evia, in the North Evia Gulf, only adds...

Boris Johnson Returns to Greece for Vacation on Evia Island

The former Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, is once again enjoying a Greek vacation with wife Carrie Symonds and their children.

Wildfires in Greece Blamed on Arson

As the authorities and first responders continue to battle devastating wildfires in parts of Greece, there has been growing speculation that arson is to blame for at least some of the blazes. The mayor of Corfu is among those...

Two Pilots Dead in Firefighting Plane Crash on Evia, Greece

The captain and co-pilot of a firefighting airplane in Greece were both killed when their aircraft crashed on the island of Evia while it was trying to put out a blaze, the air force said. Flight Lt. Christos Moulas, 34,...

Greece at ‘War’ with Wildfires Raging for More than a Week

Several wildfires are raging in Greece as a third heatwave is moving in with temperatures forecast to climb to 44°C (111.2°F) on Tuesday and Wednesday in several parts of the country. The wildfires continue to burn on the islands of...

The Top Five Most Beautiful Beaches on Evia, Greece

Evia is known for stunning beaches and pristine natural sites.

This Private Island for Rent in Greece is Heaven on Earth

A private island available to rent in Greece, named Pegassus Island, is one of the most luxurious holiday getaways in the world. 

Travel to Greece’s Majestic Evia Island

Evia island is one of the most beautiful in Greece, yet it is not advertised like its more glamorous siblings in the Aegean