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The Whistled Language of Greece and How it Could be Lost Forever

Residents of the mountainous village of Antia on the idyllic island of Evia, Greece "speak" a unique whistling language called "Sfyria." The villagers of Antia use different whistled tones corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. By putting each whistled...

Lichadonisia: Experience the Mythical and Exotic Greek Islets

There is history and mythology abounding throughout Greece, and the exotic Greek islands of Lichadonisia are no exception. The enticing, magical tales of the creation of this island complex located northeast of Evia, in the North Evia Gulf, only adds...

The Top Five Most Beautiful Beaches on Evia, Greece

Evia is known for stunning beaches and pristine natural sites.

Authentic Marathon Swim Recreated in Honor of Ancient Greek Heroes

The authentic Marathon swim is taking place this weekend off the island of Evia in Greece with the participation of hundreds of swimmers from all over the world. 2,500 years after it first happened, competitors from 14 countries swim in...

Fire Breaks Out on Evia Island, Village Evacuated

A fire broke out in the area of Gaia in Evia in the municipality of Kimi-Aliveri on Saturday. Greek authorities ordered the evacuation of the village of Kremastos as the flames approached houses nearby. The Fire Service says that high winds...

The Ancient Greek “Dragon Houses” Still Standing Today

There is a group of ancient homes in Greece called "drakospita," or dragon houses, even though they have nothing to do with dragons.

Swedish Satire Filmed In Evia, Greece, Wins Palme D’Or 2022

Ruben Östlund’s Triangle of Sadness, filmed in Evia island, Greece, is the winner of this year's Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival.

Evia Film Project Offers Five Days of Free Events, June 15-19

A new film festival set in Euboea island, Central Greece, aspires to become the new meeting point for the global green cinema industry.

Iran Accuses Greece of Piracy After Seizure of Crude Oil Cargo

Iran accused Greece of piracy on Thursday after the seizure of the cargo of crude oil from a tanker anchored in the bay of Karystos on the southern coast of the island of Evia. Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization is...

This Private Island for Rent in Greece is Heaven on Earth

A private island available to rent in Greece, named Pegassus Island, is one of the most luxurious holiday getaways in the world.