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The Greek Goddess Gaia and Her Connection to Earth Day

Today, April 22, Earth Day is celebrated once again as over one billion people help the Earth recover from the ravages of industrialization.

International Delphi Meetup in Ancient Greek and Latin

A meetup exclusively in Latin and ancient Greek language  took place at the Delphi Economic Forum 2022.

Delphi Economic Forum Delves into the Post-Pandemic World

The prestigious Delphi Economic Forum will take place in person in Delphi from April 6th to 9th after two years of online and hybrid formats due to the pandemic. Each year, the Delphi Economic Forum welcomes heads of state, policymakers,...

The Ancient Greek Oracle of Delphi

The Oracle of Delphi has become a byword for prophecy, and many of the glories of Delphi's architecture and art have survived to this day.

The Moment an Ancient Greek Masterpiece was Unearthed at Delphi

Workers pose in front of the magnificent statue of Antinous which was unearthed near the Temple of Apollo in the sanctuary at Delphi.

Twelve Labors of Hercules Exemplify Greek Mythology

The Twelve Labours of Hercules occupy a special place in the pantheon of Greek mythology, exemplifying the ancient beliefs of the Greeks.

UNESCO: Every Person Must Visit These 18 Greek Monuments

UNESCO the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, has bestowed a total 1,154 sites with the title of "World Heritage Monuments," and 18 of them are located in Greece. If you are ever fortunate enough to go to the...

Cosmopolitan Arachova: The Winter Mykonos of Greece

The cosmopolitan alpine town of Arachova is the perfect place to go to “see and be seen” during the winter season in Greece. An easy two-hour drive from Athens, Arachova is often dubbed the “Winter Mykonos," thanks to the wave...

What Questions Did Ancient Greeks Ask the Oracles?

Ancient Greeks were curious people and they would frequently ask questions about the world and themselves, as the writings of philosophers of the times indicate. At the same time, in some aspects at least, they were like modern people...

From Delphi to Google: Ancient Oracle to Modern-Day Search Engines

In ancient Greece the people relied heavily on oracles not only to predict the future, but to reveal secret information and the answers to their deepest philosophical questions. One of the most famous of all oracles was at Delphi, located...