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Greek Airport Traffic to Reach Record High in 2023

Greek airport traffic reached a record high in 2023, despite the devastating fires and deadly floods in the past two months

Spanish Hiker Critically Injured in Rockslide After 4.9R Crete Earthquake

A Spanish hiker in the gorge of Samaria was seriously injured in a rockslide caused by a 4.9R earthquake in Crete on Sunday. 

The World’s Oldest Living Olive Tree is in Crete, Greece

Scientists estimate that the olive tree has been in the village of Ano Vouves in Chania for more than 3000 years.

The Stunning Ancient Greek Theater Discovered on Crete

An ancient Greek theater has recently been discovered at the remote ancient site of Lissos south of Chania on Crete. Facing east, the structure appears to be either an odeum, where musical activities took place, or a bouleuterion, where members...

Chania: A Guide to the Stunningly Beautiful Cretan City

Chania is a breathtaking city on the island Crete, and a perfect vacation spot -- Chania has with something to offer any traveler!

Top Five Greek Island Monasteries Perched on Rocks

In older times, Greek monks were trying to build monasteries in places that were hidden or difficult to access in order to protect them from bandits, invaders, and conquerors.

Cars Banned at Elafonisi, One of the Most Beautiful Beaches of Crete

Cars will be banned from Elafonisi, one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete and Greece, following a decision by the local council to ease congestion and protect the environment. "We need to respect the environment and put some order...

Greek Hero Saves Woman Diner From Choking on Food

A Greek athlete saved a woman who was choking on her food at a taverna in Chania, Crete on Christmas Eve. The dramatic video captured on CCTV shows a group of three women and their children enjoying their meal. Suddenly,...

December 8th: Maritime and Air Disasters Make It a Cursed Day for Crete

Two major disasters hit the city of Chania in Crete on December 8th in the space of only three years, with the loss of more than three hundred lives. On December 8, 1966, a ferry on the Chania-Piraeus route sank...

John Aniston, Jennifer’s Father, Dies at 89

Jennifer Aniston's father, John Anthony Aniston, born in Chania, Greece, passed away on Friday at the age of eighty-nine. The actress, 53, took to Instagram to pay tribute to her dad with a slew of snaps of them together over...