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Number of Twins Born in the World at All-Time High

A study conducted by Oxford University has found that more twins are being born in the world than ever before. A total of 1.6 million twins are delivered each year, with the twin birth rate increasing by a third...

Bactria: The Ancient Greek State in Afghanistan

Bactria, a huge area in todays' Afghanistan, was the eastern edge of the ancient Greek empire, established by Alexander the Great.

Cities Around the Globe Founded by Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great , who lived from July 356 BC to 10/11 June, 323 BC, was an intrepid conqueror and a brilliant military general.

The Greek Who Taught the Japanese to Eat Feta Cheese and Olive Oil

Pioneering businessman Thanasis Fragkis was the very first person to introduce olive oil and other traditional Greek products to Japan.

China Cultural Center in Athens Launches Virtual Kung Fu Competition

In cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in Athens, the China Cultural Center in Athens has launched a virtual kung fu and video contest.

Plane Crash in Indonesia: Boeing 737 Crashes in Jakarta

A Boeing 737 plane crash in Indonesia has shaken the aviation world. A Sriwijaya-Airlines airplane with 62 people on board crashed in the sea area off of Jakarta, Indonesia, Chinese Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday. The plane lost contact soon...

World Holds its Breath this Christmas Season As Coronavirus Vaccinations Begin

The approval of vaccines against Covid-19 and the beginning of their distribution bring some consolation this Christmas, but the increase in coronavirus cases worldwide is accompanied by the imposition of stricter restrictions on travel and family gatherings at this...

International Students Compete at “Internet+” Competition in Guangzhou, China

The finals of the 6th annual “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition took place in Guangzhou, China on Tuesday. College students from 4,186 colleges in 117 countries around the world took place in the innovative competition. Project entries can relate to...

Koreans Sing Greek Song in Popular TV Talent Show

The Greek song "Ti Pathos" (What Passion) by Giorgos Dalaras, with lyrics and music by Dimitris Lagios from Zakynthos, was chosen by two contestants in popular South Korean TV talent show. The two contestants, Hwang Geon-ha and Ko Young-Yeol, participated...

Auckland Back Into Lockdown Mode as New Coronavirus Cases Surface in New Zealand

National health authorities in New Zealand announced on Tuesday that they were once again locking down the country's largest city after four new cases of the coronavirus were diagnosed there. These cases constitute the first-known domestic transmissions of the disease...