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Greek Fire: The Weapon That Protected the Byzantine Empire

Greek fire was a mysterious incendiary weapon that helped the mighty Byzantine Empire survive and ensure its vast sovereignty for centuries

Arab DNA Shows Route of Early Human Migration From Africa

Recent studies on Arab DNA confirmed what researchers have believed for many years but hadn't been able to prove definitively. Testing suggests that ancient Arabia indeed served as a "cornerstone" for early human migration out of Africa. In the largest-ever...

Greece Becomes a Magnet for Well-Off Arab Tourists

Greece is becoming a magnet for well-off tourists from the Middle East as more regular and charter flights connect Athens and the Greek islands with Arab capitals. According to a report in, the Middle East is the fastest growing...

Possible Sell of Greek Team PAO to Arabs

Giannis Vardinogiannis is the owner of the Greek soccer team PAO, and is planning to sell his share to foreign investors, according to some sources. Possible buyers could be Arabs, though no further details of their personal data were given...