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Ancient history

Neanderthal – Era Settlement Found Under Princess Diana’s Family Estate

Although the name of Spencer is a storied one in British history, going back at least one thousand years to the Norman Conquest, the aristocratic family now has been found to have another even more historic tie -- back...

The Greek Monkey Mystery – and an Important Clue to Bronze Age World

Ancient frescoes like that of the Greek monkeys on Santorini suggest Europe and south Asia had trade links as long as 3,600 years ago.  By Tracie McKinney & Marie Nicole Pareja Cummings The blue monkeys painted on the walls of Akrotiri on...

From Washing Machines to Computers: How the Ancients Invented the Modern World

Many modern inventions like computers and washing machines actually have their origins in ancient times. By Zena Kamash True innovation is hard to find, as few things come out of nothing. Take the now-ubiquitous selfie, for example. The format may have...

Five Things the Ancient Greeks Can Teach Us About Medicine Today

Medicine has changed beyond recognition in the last 2,000 years. So why should we still care what the ancient Greeks thought of Western medicine? By Helen King The ancient Greeks are widely seen as having been the founders of Western medicine...

Hermes, the God of Thieves in Ancient Greece

In Greek mythology, Hermes is considered the messenger God, in charge of protecting travelers, thieves, and guide the souls to the Hades

‘Shrine’ in Turkey Turns Out to be Tomb of Ancient Greek Boxer Diagoras

A 2,300-year-old tomb in southwest Turkey—once revered as a holy Islamic site—turns out to be the tomb of ancient Greek boxer Diagoras.