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Sex Strike: Why Ancient Greek Play Lysistrata is Trending in the US

The ancient Greek play, Lysistrata, became a trending topic in the US after protesters called for a sex strike in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Calls for a nationwide sex strike were gathering...

The History of the Ancient Greek City of Thebes

The ancient Greek city of Thebes played a central role in the long pageant of Greek history; appearing in many of the age-old legends of Greek mythology, it was part of the Mycenaean civilization during the Bronze Age. Later becoming...

Daily Life in Ancient Greece: What it Was Like to Live in Athens and Sparta

Life in ancient Athens and Sparta, although both in Greece, was so different that the city-states seem completely foreign to each other.

Socrates on Gossip and Fake News: Timeless Advice from Ancient Greece

Gossip was a real tool in the hands of slaves who wanted to punish their masters if they had treated them badly in ancient Greece.

Agnodice: The First Woman Doctor of Ancient Greece

Agnodice was the first woman doctor of Athens in Ancient Greece whose story has been held tight by midwives for millennia. Her story is told by the Roman author Gaius Julius Hyginus in his Fabulae. By Abby Norman Women in the...

Only The Rich in Ancient Athens Paid Taxes – And They Bragged About it

In ancient Athens, only the very wealthiest people paid direct taxes, and these went to fund the city-state’s most important national expenses—the navy and honors for the gods. While today it might sound astonishing, most of these top taxpayers...

The Battle of Marathon Saved Western Civilization 2,500 Years Ago

In September of the year 490 BC, just 42 km outside of Athens, an army of brave Greeks saved their city from the invading Persian army.

Everyday Life in Ancient Athens

Everyday life in Ancient Athens of the Hellenistic era was more intellectually stimulating, and exciting, than in most ancient cities

Shackled Skeletons Might Tell Story of Ancient Athens

Archaeologists are studying ancient Greek shackled skeletons found at the ancient cemetery in 2016 in the port city of Faliro in order to understand the rise of the Athens city-state. Faliro cemetery is one of the largest such sites that...

The Platonic Academy of Athens: The World’s First University

Τhe Platonic Academy was founded by Plato himself in 428/427 BC in Athens, and is considered to be the world's first university.