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Battle of Marathon: The Helmet With the Soldier’s Skull Still Inside

This remarkable Corinthian-style helmet from the Battle of Marathon was reputedly found in 1834 with a human skull still inside. It now forms part of the Royal Ontario Museum’s collections, but originally it was discovered by George Nugent-Grenville, who was...

The History of the Ancient Greek City of Thebes

The ancient Greek city of Thebes played a central role in the long pageant of Greek history; appearing in many of the age-old legends of Greek mythology, it was part of the Mycenaean civilization during the Bronze Age. Later becoming...

Pericles, the Ancient Greek Father of Democracy

Since Athens is considered the birthplace of democracy, Pericles must be the father of democracy.

The Bars, Pubs and Taverns of Ancient Greece

The bars and tavernas of ancient Greece, known as kapeleia, were the mainstay of popular life in ancient cities. The Ancient Greek elite preferred to drink at private parties known as symposia. The Greek symposium was a key Hellenic social institution....

Agnodice: The First Woman Doctor of Ancient Greece

Agnodice was the first woman doctor of Athens in Ancient Greece whose story has been clung to by midwives for millennia. Her story is told by the Roman author Gaius Julius Hyginus in his Fabulae. By Abby Norman Women in...

Plato’s Academy of Athens: The World’s First University

Τhe Platonic Academy was founded by Plato himself in 428/427 BC in Athens, and is considered to be the world's first university.

Who Beheaded the Kritios Boy, the Masterpiece of Ancient Greek Art?

The Kritios Boy, a statue displayed at the Acropolis Museum is one of the most important works of ancient Greek art and the most characteristic of the so-called "Severe Style." The statue’s torso was found in 1865 to 1866 southeast...

The Flower That Only Grows on the Acropolis: Micromeria Acropolitana

Found interspersed among the rocky terrain of the Acropolis of Athens is a small plant with pink flowers, the micromeria acropolitana.

Everyday Life in Ancient Athens

Everyday life in Ancient Athens of the Hellenistic era was more intellectually stimulating, and exciting, than in most ancient cities

Plagues Follow Bad Leadership in Ancient Greek Tales

The tales of ancient Greece remind the public that leaders must be able to plan for the future based on past events. Examples are evidenced through leaders' performance in the great plagues. By Joel Christensen In the fifth century BC, the...