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Greek Island of Alonissos Installs Underwater Christmas Tree

The Greek island of Alonissos has chosen to celebrate its connection with the sea this year by organizing a symbolic underwater decoration of a Christmas tree. Alonissos was recently voted by British tour operators as Best Diving Destination at the...

Beauty and History in the Greek Island Paradise of Alonissos

The Greek island of Alonissos was one of the top travel destinations according to National Geographic Travel. The idyllic island was specifically chosen as the leading voice in travel and exploration in an aim to highlight sustainable and climate-friendly...

First Underwater Wedding Takes Place off Greece’s Alonissos

The first underwater civil wedding ceremony, held in the enchanting deeps of the sea surrounding the island of Alonissos, took place on Monday with the island's mayor, Petros Vafinis, officiating. The couple Petros and Myrto exchanged vows in the island's...

The Greek Islands: How Were they Named?

To find the etymology behind the names of Greek islands, one should take into account a number of factors, including ancient Greek mythology and even the geomorphology of each place. In fact, during ancient times, the names of places were used...

Five Remarkable Marine Animals of Greece (And Where to Find Them)

Many remarkable marine animals can be found in the waters of Greece.

Underwater Museum in Greece is “the Parthenon of Shipwrecks”

The ancient shipwreck of Peristera, opens to divers who will be able to visit the famous shipwreck of amphorae from the 5th century BC.

Visit Traditional, Unspoiled Islands in Greece

Do you want to experience the authentic spirit of Greece and the Greek people? visit some of the charming and less traveled islands.

Cuteness Overload: Adorable Seal Pups Meet for the First Time

Prepare for cuteness overload at the sight of two baby seal pups meeting for the first time at The Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk seal’s (MOm) rehabilitation center this past Wednesday. On Monday, November 22nd,...

Alonissos Among the Top Destinations in the World for Ecotourism

The Greek island of Alonissos, a North Aegean isle north of Evia, has been named one of the Top Destinations for Ecotourism. ABTA Magazine, the publication representing the UK’s largest Travel Association, released its top destinations for ecotourism recently; in...

Custody Battle for Caroline Crouch’s Baby Lydia Begins

The custody battle for 11-month-old Lydia Anagnostopoulos, the daughter of the murdered Caroline Crouch has begun in Greek courts.