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The Ancient Greek Lexicon Published after 23 Years in the Making

Cambridge University Press has published the Cambridge Greek Lexicon after 23 years of work by the University's classics faculty. The group was led by the lexicon's editor-in-chief, James Diggle, a professor at Queens College who taught Greek and Latin...

Four Ancient Greek Mysteries Which Spark Controversy To This Day

Ancient Greece is known across the globe for its vast contributions to the very foundations of our modern world. Western ideals which we sometimes take for granted, such as Democratic rule, as well as what we see today as basic...

What the Greek Classics Tell Us About Grief and Mourning the Dead

Through the Greek classics, the true meaning of life can be explored by humanity and all the experiences that come with it. By: Joel Christensen As the coronavirus pandemic hit New York in March, the death toll quickly went up with...

The Handshake: The Ancient Greek Gesture May Fade Away Post-Covid

The first nearly-universal way of greeting someone, portrayed for the first time in the arts of ancient Greece, has now been suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic after thousands of years of use.