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Lamia, the Man-devouring Goddess of Greek Mythology

Lamia, one of the lesser-known demons in Greek mythology, is a bit of a shapeshifter, known as a man-eating monster.

What the Greek Classics Tell Us About Grief and Mourning the Dead

Through the Greek classics, the true meaning of life can be explored by humanity and all the experiences that come with it. By: Joel Christensen As the coronavirus pandemic hit New York in March of 2020, the death toll quickly went...

Did the Ancient Greeks See Blue Like We Do?

Linguists and experts in the ancient world have long been puzzled by the absence of a distinct word for the color in Ancient Greek.

Four Ancient Greek Mysteries Which Spark Controversy To This Day

Ancient Greece is known across the globe for its vast contributions to the very foundations of our modern world. Western ideals, sometimes taken for granted, such as Democratic rule and that which is today recognized as basic human rights—freedom of...

Odyssey: Homer’s Epic Poem Is the World’s Most Influential Story

Homer's Odyssey, ancient Greece's most well-known epic poem, is officially the most influential story to have shaped the entire world.

Corfu, Homer’s Odyssey and Odysseus’ Petrified Ship

Odysseus' ship, which took him home from Corfu to Ithaka, turned to rock according to legend. Where might Odysseus have washed ashore in Corfu during his Odyssey? By Mike Millard Long before moving to Corfu, when I was a child growing...

James Joyce Insisted that Cover of “Ulysses” be the Blue of Greek Flag

Ulysses, the great modernist novel by the brilliant Irish writer James Joyce, was published exactly 100 years ago on Wednesday. Joyce, who was a noted philhellene, insisted that the cover of his tome should match the blue of the...

Dune’s House of Atreides is Named in Honor of an Ancient Greek King

Dune was one of 2021's biggest movies, grossing nearly half a billion dollars around the world. The movie is an adaptation of the 1965 science fiction novel, also titled “Dune," by Frank Herbert. The sci-fi thriller tells the story of...

French Bring Back Teaching of Latin and Ancient Greek in Schools

The French government has announced plans to boost the teaching of Latin and Ancient Greek in schools as part of a new initiative

Why Walking Barefoot is Good for You

Orthopedists argue that walking barefoot makes for stronger and more flexible feet, fewer deformities, while it enhances mobility as well