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Greek-Speaking Communities of Italy Reconnect With Greece

The Greek-speaking communities of southern Italy are set to restore their cultural bonds with Greece, following a new agreement.

Head of the G.S.G.A in Italy to Support Greek Communities

The head of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad ( G.S.G.A) Michalis Kokkinos visited on Monday the historical Greek communities in Italy on the...

Greek Communities in Italy Support “Medecins du Monde”

The Greek communities of Italy have started a travelogue of solidarity, in order to boost the efforts of “Medecins du Monde” to support Greek families...

Smyrna Dig Reveals Ancient Greek and Roman Past

Archaeological excavations in Smyrna, today's Izmir in Turkey, have uncovered exciting traces from the ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine periods, Hurriyet reports. According to the...

‘Romeyka’ The Ancient Greek Dialect Spoken in Northern Turkey

Romeyka is a dialect of Greek spoken in the region of Trabzon (Trapezounta) and Pontus, around Turkey's Black Sea coast. Researchers say it bears...

Greek Language Day: Honoring The Mother of Western Languages

International Greek Language Day is celebrated annually every February 9, the day which also honors the memory of the Greek national poet Dionysios Solomos,...

The Holocaust of Greek Jews: When 59,000 Perished in Nazi Camps

The Holocaust of the Greek Jews was one of the darkest episodes of the Nazi occupation of the country. Once part of thriving communities in...

Chestnuts: A Very Greek Wintertime Delicacy

In winter, roasted chestnut street stalls are a common sight in Greek cities. The sellers have small, portable braziers, heaps of roasted chestnuts ready...

New Orleans: America’s First Greek Community

The first Orthodox Church in the US was established in New Orleans in 1864, built in 1866, by Greek merchants. 

The Forgotten Greek Heroes of the Battle of Rimini

The Battle of Rimini and the heroes of the 3rd Hellenic Mountain Brigade is one of the lesser known chapters of World War II, but a proud moment for Greece.