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J. Rod: The Conspiracy Theories on the Alien who Lived in Area 51

J. Rod Alien conspiracy theories
According to some, the extraterrestrial worked at Area 51 for some years. Credit: Video screenshot/History Channel

Conspiracy theories have created J. Rod the Alien —an extraterrestrial person— who is said to have been employed by the US government in Area 51.

The J. Rod tales initially surfaced in the 1980s, and several novels and TV series have helped to promote them.

According to these tales, J. Rod is a tall, slender alien with large, almond-shaped eyes. He is said to have been a survivor of a UFO crash in Kingman, Arizona, in 1953.

After the crash, J. Rod was taken to Area 51, where he helped scientists and engineers to reverse engineer the alien technology. He is also said to have shared knowledge about his home planet and the universe with the U.S. government.

A recent documentary on the History Channel renewed interest in the tale and sparked further speculation and conspiracy theories.

According to alien author Preston Dennett, the extraterrestrial “allegedly worked at Area 51 for some years.” He went on, “J Rod’s job was to assist in reverse engineering technology that was reportedly from the 1953 Kingman UFO crash. Giving the technology that we need today. Most of the electronic devices we are using today.”

J. Rod the alien and the claims

The stories of J. Rod are based on the accounts of several individuals, including military personnel and civilian contractors who worked at Area 51. These individuals claim to have seen J. Rod with their own eyes and to have spoken with him.

Bill Uhouse, a former Navy pilot who claimed to have researched the UFO that crashed in Kingman, was stationed at Area 51 in the middle of the 1960s.

In an interview from 2000, he claimed to have had direct communication with J Rod and stated that the alien “sounded just like you” and “tried to answer questions.” The alien spoke perfect English, not an animatronic android or a CGI, the alien was real.

Dan Burisch, another individual, says he was employed as a microbiologist to care for J Rod and ensure he stayed well. He said the government made him take tissue samples from the captured alien and claimed they became friends during the two years he worked on the project.

1953 Kingman, Arizona UFO crash

The Kingman UFO crash is one of the “best verified” in the United States, Dennett also claimed.

Conspiracies say the object crashed on May 21, 1953, eight miles northeast of the Kingman Airport in the Arizona desert.

Government officials supposedly sent a team of around 40 scientists to the crash site to investigate, and they allegedly found a UFO.

“The object was described as metallic, 30 feet wide and three and a half feet high, oval-shaped with portholes,” the author said.

“Inside were two to four, four-foot-tall humanoids, deceased according to most sources, with large eyes and wearing metallic suits.”

Engineer Arthur Stancil was allegedly one of the ones who helped recover the UFO and concluded it struck the ground at 1,200 mph but was strangely undamaged.

“The object was not built by anything, obviously, that we know about on Earth,” he said. “It was more like a tear-drop-shaped cigar … like a streamlined cigar.”

What happened to the alien?

The whereabouts of J. Rod are unknown. There is no concrete evidence to support his existence, and experts believe that he is a hoax.

One theory espoused by UFO enthusiasts is that J. Rod is still alive and living in seclusion. Some others suggest that he was eventually released from Area 51 and allowed to return to his home planet.

It is also possible that he remains under the control of the U.S. government, perhaps in a secret facility or on a remote island, some believe.

Another possibility is that J. Rod is deceased. Some accounts suggest that he died while working at Area 51, while others claim that he was killed by the government.

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