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Aliens Haven’t Contacted Us Maybe Because We Are Not Worth It?

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Aliens Haven’t Contacted As There’s No Intelligence Sign on Earth. Credit: Mjolnir Pants / wikimedia commons CC BY 4.0

Aliens haven’t contacted Earth because there is no sign of intelligence on our planet, a recent paper has concluded.

Earth is too primitive to be of any interest to advanced extraterrestrial species; thus, aliens’ search for intelligent life will not lead them here, according to a recent article in Live Science.

An intriguing study suggests that extraterrestrials may be overlooking Earth as a potential point of contact, believing it to lack the fascinating complexities they search for on potentially inhabited planets.

According to astrophysicist Amri Wandel from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, life-sustaining exoplanets likely need more than just the right environmental conditions to attract aliens, who are probably also looking out for signs of technology.

Could our planet’s mundane qualities therefore make us go unnoticed by otherworldly civilizations? Though yet unpublished and unverified by experts, this theory is an exciting one certain to spark debate among astrobiologists.

Is Earth the only planet with civilization in our galaxy? That’s what this study seeks to uncover. By delving into the Fermi paradox, researchers are asking why we haven’t encountered any advanced alien life forms from other worlds. Should they not have evolved and reached us by now given the age of our universe? The answer may reveal if humans truly stand alone among all galaxies.

Scientists and experts have posited a variety of theories as to why we haven’t met aliens yet. They could have been here long before us, or their technology might be unable to make the trek across galaxies.

Maybe they’re relatively new on the evolutionary scene, don’t feel like traveling far from home, or may not even exist anymore due to self-destruction.

Life is common in the Milky Way

In the quest to answer whether humankind is alone in the universe, a new paper from Wandel proposes that life could be abundant throughout our Milky Way galaxy.

They suggest alien civilizations wouldn’t bother reaching out to each corner of space because rocky planets likely contain forms of microbial life that would prove too primitive for meaningful contact.

There are only about fifteen thousand stars within a distance of fifty light-years which could have had the chance to receive signals from Earth since humans began broadcasting them off the planet in the 1930s. Hence, it is safe to say that the technological presence of humans remains a mere fraction of what exists out there.

If life beyond Earth does exist and has evolved into intelligence levels similar to or greater than that of our planet, aliens would likely be attracted to more advanced technology. However, such searches may prove difficult given how brief humankind’s signal likely is in comparison to that of other potential life forms elsewhere. This means that any signal from Earth will not have been detectable for very long thus far.

Moreover, according to Universe Today, Earth’s earliest radio transmissions were not intentionally sent into space, so after traveling for around one light-year, they are likely so distorted that aliens would be unable to recognize them.

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