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Mexican Doctors Confirm ‘Alien Corpses’ are Distinct Skeletons

'aliens' revealed in Mexico
Doctors say that the mummified “alien corpses” in Mexico are not made up of human and animal bones but are distinct skeletons. Credit: MXCD

Doctors say that mummified “alien corpses” in Mexico are not composed of human and animal bones but are distinct skeletons. This discovery contradicts earlier claims that they were collected artificially. According to media reports, this dispels skepticism among scientists and archaeologists.

Renowned physicist Professor Brian Cox joined the critics, saying the creatures were “too humanoid” to be genuine extraterrestrial life forms.

The mummified specimens were displayed in glass cases during an official event at the Mexican Congress, causing a stir among UFO enthusiasts. Policymakers were informed that the remains were about a thousand years old.

Journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan, the driving force behind the event, stated that nearly one-third of the DNA in these samples is “unknown.” This implies that they do not correspond to Earth’s evolutionary history.

According to Maussan, “these patterns are not part of our evolutionary history on Earth. They are not beings recovered from a UFO crash. ” He also noted, that they were found in diatom mines and were subsequently turned into fossils.

Professor Cox remains skeptical and has called for independent verification by sending samples to biotech company 23andme. He emphasizes that it is unlikely that an intelligent species from another planet would resemble humans.

Remarkable Discovery

Last week, at Mexico’s Congress, scientists revealed two alleged 1,000-year-old alien corpses, stirring new UFO and extraterrestrial theories. Maussan, speaking under oath, presented findings from DNA studies conducted at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), refuting terrestrial origin. X-rays revealed one body with “eggs” and both with rare metal implants like Osmium.

Notably, Maussan has a history of making “alien” claims that were later debunked, including a reference to mummies in Peru in 2017. In 2015, he claimed that a mummified body found in Peru belonged to an alien. However, subsequent investigations revealed that it was the remains of a human child.

Scientists’ Assumptions About Aliens

Stanford University Professor Garry Nolan has suggested that aliens may have been on Earth for thousands of years. Speaking at a global leadership forum in New York City, Nolan posited that aliens use artificial intelligence and drones to monitor our planet. He also noted an increasing interest from the U.S. government in the possibility of alien life.

Additionally, Swiss government scientist Sasha Quanz, an astrophysicist at ETH Zurich, believes we could find aliens beyond our solar system within twenty-five years. However, current technology might not be up to the task of detecting them.


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