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New NASA Team Begins Independent Study on UFOs

A team of NASA researchers have started an independent investigation into UFOs, now referred to as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), with a new team of 16 people. According to a statement from NASA, the investigation will last 9 months and...

NASA Creates Research Team to Study UFOs

NASA announced on Thursday it plans to assemble a team of scientists to examine "unidentified aerial phenomena" (UAP)—commonly termed UFOs. The study team to be led by astrophysicist David Spergel under NASA’s Science Mission Directorate will attempt to identify what data...

US Army Veteran Claims He was Told to “Keep Mouth Shut” About UFOs

A US Army veteran who witnessed a UFO shooting through the sky while serving in the Sinai Desert claims that he was told to "keep his mouth shut" by a superior in a report in The Daily Mail. The shocking...

Congress to Hold First Public Hearings on UFOs Since 1970

After several decades, Congress will hold its first public hearing on UFOs next week. The hearing will include evidence of "unidentified aerial phenomena" and testimony from top officials from the Pentagon. The hearing, which will be held on Tuesday, comes...

Leaked Footage Shows US Navy Filmed UFO Over Pacific in 2019

Footage from the U.S. Navy shows a UFO spotted flying erratically in California in 2019 before it plunged under the ocean beneath it.

UFOs Are Real: Obama Opens Pandora’s Box

Former US President Barak Obama opened up about the existence of UFOs and alien life in an interview with on CBS on Wednesday.