Environment Animals Dead Whale Washes up on Piraeus Beach

Dead Whale Washes up on Piraeus Beach

Dead Whale washed up on beach at Piraeus on Wednesday. Credit: Gath/twitter

In what may be the first such incident of its kind ever in Piraeus, a dead whale washed up on Wednesday at the port of Athens on the Aegean Sea.
Amazing images of the enormous mammal emerged as people were able to view the carcass from up close as it lay on the beach and then as it was lifted by a crane.
Freattida Beach, in Piraeus, was the location where the dead whale’s body was deposited by the waves.
Crews from the municipality of Piraeus are dealing with the carcass at present. It appears that baleen, the membranes that somewhales use to filter out food from the water, is visible on the body of the whale.
There are a number of whales that live in the Mediterranean but seeing such a large one washed up dead on the beach outside the capital city of Greece is exceedingly rare, if not unprecedented.
No other details are available at press time.

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