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The Last and Most Isolated Stone Age Tribe in the World

The world's last and most isolated stone age tribe lives on North Sentinel Island, off the southwest coast of South Andaman, India. In her analysis of interactions and contacts with the Andaman Islanders, Zarine Cooper, a specialist who has verified...

Athens’ Lycabettus Provides Stunning Views of Acropolis, Saronic Gulf

Located in the heart of Greece's bustling capital, Mount Lycabettus provides a serene, picturesque escape from the noise and hubbub of Athens.

A Walk Through Crete, Birthplace of the Minoans

The only way to truly appreciate the beauty and majesty of the landscape of Crete is to walk through it. There are more walking routes on the island than you can count; some are well-known or signposted, and others...

Lake Plastiras: Greece’s Idyllic Man-Made Lake that Looks Like Switzerland

Lake Plastiras, located in central Greece, is known as "Little Switzerland" for its idyllic landscape that resembles the Swiss Alps. The stunning blue lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and verdant pine forests, captivating visitors at any time of...

Edessa: The Greek City of Water and the Five Senses

Get to know Edessa, the Northern Greek city referred to as the “City of Water and of the Five Senses,” which is home to thermal springs and the famed Edessa Waterfalls. Edessa is the capital of Pella, located in the...

Greece’s Unique Delta of the Mornos River Under Threat

The wetlands surrounding the Mornos River in Central Greece are home to a unique and threatened ecosystem. By Lia Mageira After the construction of the Mornos River dam in the mountainous region of Fokida, Greece, the formerly torrential river is now...

Samothrace: The Most “Un-Greek” Island of Greece

Samothrace is a little-known Greek island which boasts many breathtaking waterfalls and is surrounded by crystal clear waters.

The Unparalleled Beauty of Tzoumerka Cave

The cave in Tzoumerka, Epirus is one of the most impressive and most visited natural wonders of Greece and an ideal destination all year round.

A Nature Lover’s Dream: The Flora and Fauna of Chania, Crete

The animals and plants of Greece are as unique as the country itself. One place that stands out is Chania on the island of Crete, which is known for its flora and fauna. With over 132 regions vitally important for...

Australian Artist Captures Greece in Year-Long Project

Artist Jason Roberts traveled across Greece for over a year in order to capture images of which he believes encapsulate Greek heritage.