Greek News Archaeology Archaeological Site of Mycenae Reopens After Wildfire

Archaeological Site of Mycenae Reopens After Wildfire

Credit: AMNA

The archaeological site and museum of Mycenae reopened on Tuesday following a fire on Sunday that reached the ancient ruins.
On Monday, the Greek Culture ministry made known that the fire did not cause damage to the antiquities.
The fire started from a nearby grassland, Culture Minister Lina Mendoni told reporters, and due to a strong wind it went into the archaeological site, “where the Ephorate of Antiquities of Argolida had done a very systematic deforestation, so there was no grass or bushes there to feed the fire.”
“A fire at any archaeological site, especially at an emblematic archaeological site, is a sad event,” she added.
“Although the fire was unfortunate, we are happy that we do not have the slightest damage to the monuments of this archaeological site,” she added.

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