Business Elon Musk's Tesla Establishing Firm Roots in Greece, Looking to Hire Staff

Elon Musk's Tesla Establishing Firm Roots in Greece, Looking to Hire Staff

Brilliant technology entrepreneur Elon Musk is now looking to have his brainchild company Tesla, Inc. branch out further into Greece, with the pioneering company already looking to hire staff in order to establish itself solidly in the country.
The promising new development comes following the Greek government’s announcement that a new series of measures will be implemented to further enhance the use of electric vehicles. Protocols for this incentive include subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles, including cars and bicycles.
Tesla’s renewed involvement with Greece is a continuation of other encouraging developments over the last several years, with the company forging ties with the country as early as 2018, with a research hub based in Democritus developed during that time.
National Technical University of Athens graduate Konstantinos Laskaris has served as Principal Motor Designer at Tesla Motors’ main headquarters in Silicon Valley since 2011.

One of the job listings from the company says: “As we prepare for our impressive entry into Greece, we are looking to hire a number of Tesla Advisors to staff our new team in Athens. Your job as a Tesla Advisor is to provide seamless service throughout the customer service process. Have an unstoppable determination to succeed and be motivated by Tesla’s mission to accelerate the planet’s transition to sustainable energy?”

Officials from Tesla had previously met with Greek authorities to discuss plans to include the country in a mega-project to establish electrical-charging stations all along a highway, using an already-existing route which spans Southern Europe from Portugal to Turkey, traversing Greece.

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