Greece Could Greek Beaches Look Like This in Coronavirus Era?

Could Greek Beaches Look Like This in Coronavirus Era?

A visualization of what beaches might possibly look like later on this year. Photo credit:

Many people wonder how summer tourism could even be a thing in 2020, as billions of people around the globe continue to remain at home in an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.
A company from Italy named the Nuova Neon Group recently came up with a peculiar yet boldly innovative idea to ensure that people will indeed be able to go to the beach this summer — while feeling and being safe at the same time.
The company’s idea is to put cubicles made of plexiglas around every sunbed and parasol on the beaches of Italy.
The cubicles would be approximately 2 meters high and 4-5 meters long.
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Some of these plexiglas boxes have already been tested along the Romagna Riviera in Italy, and many people in Greece’s neighboring nation are optimistic that this could actually be a clever way to combine holidays and safety during this ongoing pandemic.
The company has even suggested that restaurants and taverns could use these materials to separate tables; however, no one really knows how this might actually work and how much money businesses would have to invest in the measure — which most probably will be useless by next year.
As social distancing rules are expected to stay in effect and not be abolished for months to come, countries such as Spain and Greece are thinking “outside the box” about ways to boost their tourism during such a difficult time.
Oddly enough, these “boxes,” made from plexiglas, might actually be a solution to our present need for social distancing. Only time will tell…

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