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When the American Dream Became a Greek Summer

The Greek Summer has become the American dream for thousands, including the rich and famous, who have been flying over the Atlantic for a vacation on the majestic Greek islands. Since the lifting of coronavirus restrictions, dozens of famous Americans...

Vacation of Horror as Locals Chase German Tourists on Crete

A family of German tourists was chased and attacked by two locals driving a pickup truck in the area of Mylopotamos in Rethymno, Crete on Saturday morning. The incident occurred as the German family—a father, two sons, and a daughter—was...

Spain Imposes Minimum Spending for Non-EU Tourists

Spain recently imposed a requirement that non-EU tourists provide evidence of sufficient funds for their trips at the rate of €100 per day as a minimum spending limit, a policy not been welcomed by many. Guidelines published by the Spanish...

Record-High Interest in Tourism to Greece This Year

On Sunday, German tourism giant TUI stated that it expects a record-breaking number of tourists to visit Greece this year. Aage Dünhaupt, TUI's director of Communications, stated to AMNA on Sunday that interest in visiting Greece has skyrocketed this year. In...

Santorini Mules and Donkeys Exploited for Profit

By Tony Cross The interesting article on the Santorini mules and donkeys by Michael Ermogenis was well informed and well written. It was, however, largely a description of the history of the use of mules and donkeys on the island,...

Six Magical Greek Destinations With No Cars

Greece is full of natural beauty, some of these famous greek destinations have remained pure and there is no way a car could reach them.

Greece Says Tourism Not Contributing to Surge of Covid Infections

Neither tourism nor tourist arrivals are to blame for the rise in novel coronavirus cases in Greece, Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis said.

Things That Set Tourists Apart from Locals at a Greek Beach

When Greeks hit the beach each summer they do it with finesse.

Greece Welcomes First Cruise Ships for 2021 With Splendor

The island of Crete in Greece welcomed on Friday the first two cruise ships of the year with an impressive spectacle, to mark the beginning of the tourism season of 2021. 

Greek Spirit and Resilience Lives On in Crete Despite Covid

Crete managed to get down to zero cases of Covid during our fist lockdown and, although we remained in lockdown, life felt almost normal.