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Lady Hamilton: The 18th-Century Beauty who Revived Ancient Greek Fashion

Lady Hamilton, a woman who became famous in Europe for her astonishing beauty spread Ancient Greek-inspired fashion across the continent

$700 Million Superyacht Linked to Putin Seized by Italy

A giant superyacht linked to Vladimir Putin was seized by Italian authorities on Friday after they recommended it be impounded as part of sanctions against Russia. Authorities in Italy said the $700 million superyacht, called 'The Scheherazade,' which is more...

The Breathtaking Ancient Greek Ruins Found in Italy

When you think about Italy and ruins, your mind's eye automatically brings up scenes of the Roman Forum. However, Italy is home to countless ruins which are in actuality Greek.

La Grecia Salentina: Where Greek Language and Culture Still Survive

Nine villages in southern Italy collectively known as La Grecia Salentina (Salentine Greece) or, in the local dialect, Griko have maintained aspects of the Greek language and culture that have survived for centuries. Recently, Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou visited the...

Greek President Visits Greek-Speaking Villages in Southern Italy

Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou visited a number of Greek-speaking villages in Southern Italy this weekend. Sakellaropoulou visited villages in Salento, Italy, where the Greek dialect of Griko is still spoken by thousands of people. The Greek President was welcomed to the...

The Unique Ancient Tree that Produces Pearly-White Olives

White olives known as leucocarpa, or leucolea, is a rare variety of olive tree, mainly found in the south of Italy, in the region historically known as "Magna Graecia," or Greater Greece. Derived from the Greek words for white (leucos),...

Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal Push for Energy Market Reform

The leaders of Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal agreed on Friday to push the European Union to reform the energy market and reduce prices. In statements after remotely participating in a quadrilateral summit held in Rome, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos...

The Remarkable Story of Greek-Ukrainian Patriot Turned Spy

Sonia Sofia Stefanidou, a Greek woman who served as a nurse in 1941, and later went on to operate as a spy against the German invaders

Top Ten Military Powers in the World Right Now

Lists of strongest military forces are appearing in various publications now that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has the world standing on edge

Lipsi, Greece Ranked a Top 10 Travel Destination for 2022

Lipsi, a tiny Greek island in the Dodecanese archipelago, ranks as one of the top 10 alternative travel destinations in the world for 2022, according to, one of Italy's largest travel blogs. "Those who, like us, are constantly looking...