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Plastic Litter on Beaches Makes them Hotter by Day, Colder by Night

New research shows that not only does plastic litter desecrate the beauty of beaches around the world -- it actually makes them hotter by day and colder at night, changing the environment that is home to beach-dwelling creatures such...

The 10 Best Beaches on Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece and its coastline of 1,046 km, or 650 miles, makes for some extraordinary beaches. With crystal clear waters and sand in a variety of hues, Crete's beaches are unforgettable. Here are the top...

The Stunning Greek Island That’s Only a Beach

Lefkada is a popular Greek island known for its beaches, particularly Porto Katsiki and Egremni. However there is a beach near Lefkada you don't want to miss -- Agios Nikolaos -- a breathtaking island that's made up of one...

Syvota: the Greek Paradise with Crystal Clear Waters and Secret Coves

Facing the southern tip of Corfu, Syvota is considered to be one of the most exotic destinations in Greece.

The Ten Best Beaches on Rhodes, The Island of Knights

Rhodes, the largest Greek island of the Dodecanese archipelago, has lovely beaches, as well as a wealth of ancient ruins and beautiful historical buildings to explore. The idyllic island has many iconic buildings left from the time of its occupation...

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Cyprus

The island of Cyprus has long been known for the exquisite beaches which line the country's shores.

The Most Photographed Beaches in the World on Instagram

A recent study of the most "Instagrammed" and picturesque beaches in the world revealed that Greece's Navagio Beach lands in the top five. 

Halkidiki: The Top Ten Best Beaches on Greece’s Spectacular Peninsula

Halkidiki (or Chalkidiki) is a peninsula which is part of the region of Central Macedonia in northern Greece.

The Top Five Most Beautiful Beaches on Evia, Greece

Evia is known for stunning beaches and pristine natural sites.

Greeks Rush to the Beach as Temperatures Rise

Greeks rushed to the beach on Saturday, to take what will be the first swim of the summer for many, as temperatures rise in the country.