Greek News Archaeology Ancient Greek Coins from Alexander the Great Era Recovered by Israel

Ancient Greek Coins from Alexander the Great Era Recovered by Israel

Some of the sixty-nine Ancient Greek coins recently recovered in Israel. Source: Israeli Ministry of Defense

Israel recently recovered sixty nine ancient, rare coins from the period of Alexander the Great which were being smuggled from the Gaza Strip into Israel, the country’s Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday.

Security inspectors from the Israeli Ministry of Defense made the discovery last week, according to reports from the Jerusalem Post.

The silver coins, estimated to be from the Hellenistic period, were most likely minted approximately 2,300 years ago, during the reign of Alexander the Great, or just shortly after his death.

Some of the coins were minted in the town of Amphipolis, an ancient Greek city where Alexander prepared for his campaigns into Asia, and the coins are said to be very rare items of great cultural value, the report said.

The coins were duly confiscated by the authorities and were then transported to the Israeli Civil Administration’s Archaeology Unit.

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