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Alexander the Great

Greek Necropolis Outside Naples to Open to Visitors for First Time Ever

A spectacular Greek necropolis complex at Sanita, just outside Naples, will open to the public later this year, when the world will finally be able to see the stunning tombs that were carved into the volcanic tufa rock by...

The Stunning Greek Mosaics of Zeugma are Archaeological Treasures

The Ancient Greek mosaics of Zeugma in Turkey are a true archaeological treasure that can be admired at the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, in Gaziantep

Unfinished Roman-era Statue Unearthed in Veria, Greece

An unfinished Roman-era statue made of marble was unearthed in an excavation in Veria recently, according to a statement issued by the Greek Ministry of Culture on Wednesday. The statue, which does not have a head, is three-fifths life size;...

2000-Year-Old Statues Found in Hellenic City of Blaundos

Archaeologists excavating the site of the Hellenic-era city of Blaundos in western Turkey recently discovered two 2000-year-old statues. The announcement of the discovery was made on December 18 by the Turkish news agency Anadolu. Blaundos was first settled by Macedonians who came...

Greeks – Even Alexander The Great – Have Loved Ice Cream for Centuries

How long have the Greeks had a love affair with ice cream? How about since at least one hundred years before Alexander the Great? In fact, ancient Greeks were attracted to “ices” as early as the fifth century BC. In those...

Demosthenes, the Ancient Greek Orator and Politician

Demosthenes is considered the most important orator of antiquity and of all times, as many of his speeches were studied by students of rhetoric for centuries

What Did India Learn from the Ancient Greeks?

The interaction of the two great ancient civilizations of Greece and India began with the invasion of Alexander the Great in 326 BC.

Every Guy on TikTok Wants To Look Like Alexander the Great

The New York Times published a long-form article on Thursday exploring the relationship between TikTok's trendiest male hairstyle and its unexpected inspiration... Alexander the Great. Yes, you heard that right: it seems that Alexander the Great is still conquering the...

Scientists Say Alexander the Great May Have Died of Pancreatic Necrosis

Alexander the Great may have died of pancreatic necrosis, not from any other disease that has previously speculated about, including malaria or pneumonia, according to the results of a recent Greek study. Dr. Thomas Gerasimidis, Professor of Medicine emeritus at...

The Anniversary of the Discovery of Philip of Macedon’s Tomb

On November 8, 1977, archaeologists discovered the tomb of King Philip of Macedon, King of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great.