Greece 11 Dead Refugees Near Farmakonisi Island, Including 5 Children

11 Dead Refugees Near Farmakonisi Island, Including 5 Children

navagio-farmakonisi-708Eleven dead, including five children, is the latest toll in the ongoing inflow of refugees on Greek islands near the Turkish coasts.
A Frontex boat received a call on Tuesday night about dozens of people in the water northeast of Farmakonisi island. A coast guard rescue boat and a Greek Navy gunboat rushed to the spot and rescued 26 people (17 men, 5 women and 4 children).
The rescue team pulled out of the water five children, four men and two women dead, while the survivors said that there are 13 people missing. They said there were 50 passengers on the wooden boat that capsized, despite the fact that the weather conditions were good.
A rescue mission is taking place in the area to locate the missing persons.

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