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Aegean Sea

Video: Do Turks Hate Greeks, and Vice-Versa?

Turks and Greeks are neighbors sharing a long history that goes centuries back, but the history of the two peoples is marred by a rivalry that today seems fabricated

Unraveling the Mystery of Longevity on Ikaria, Greece

Ikaria, a beautiful island located in the eastern Aegean, may look similar to any other Greek islands, but there is one vital difference.

Ancient Diolkos Stone Road Allowed Ships to go From Ionian to Aegean

The Diolkos stone road, a marvel of engineering from the time of Ancient Greece, allowed ships to travel overland from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean, bypassing the Peloponnesian Peninsula. Like the Corinth Canal to which it ran almost parallel,...

This Santorini Gem Tops the List of World’s Most Beautiful Villages

The village of Oia on the Greek island of Santorini has topped the list of the world's most beautiful villages, Uswitch reported on Tuesday. Uswitch data from across social media to determine which scenic villages were the favorites amongst visitors....

Toxic ‘Sea Snot’ Reappears in Marmara Sea, Turkey

The toxic sea snot in Marmara Sea, Turkey has reappeared with experts and fishermen worrying of seafood contamination

Oldest Lighthouse in the World Once Stood off the Pelion Peninsula

Few people are aware that the deadly Lefteris Reef located off the coast of the Pelion peninsula in Greece, where many ships have come to grief, was the site of the oldest lighthouse in the world, more ancient even...

The History of the Corinth Canal, Greece’s Suez

The Corinth Canal, one of the most important infrastructure works of the modern Greek State, was inaugurated on July 25, 1893. Many believe that the canal changed maritime activity forever. Also known as the Isthmus of Corinth, the canal connects...

Jellyfish Found in Greece are the Least Dangerous of All

The jellyfish one sees on the beaches in Greece are probably the least dangerous of any anywhere, with their size being much smaller than those found in the world's oceans. Jellyfish, also called jellies, or medusas -- because of their...

Five Remarkable Marine Animals of Greece (And Where to Find Them)

Many remarkable marine animals can be found in the waters of Greece.

Greece Refutes Turkey’s Claims in the UN Over Status in the Aegean

Greece sent a letter to the UN in response to a similar move made by Turkey earlier in July, refuting many of the claims it made.