Hollywood Nick Cassavetes Develops 'Brothers in Crime' TV Series

Nick Cassavetes Develops ‘Brothers in Crime’ TV Series


Greek-American filmmaker Nick Cassavetes is developing a popular Swedish crime Drama, “Brothers in Crime,” for Universal Cable Productions. He has teamed up with “The Walking Dead” executive producer Gale Anne Hurd to bring the series to US television.

The original plot centers on three lifelong friends forced into a crime in order to maintain their lives and livelihoods. The series shows how the friends cope with and hide this dark secret, while trying to keep their lives together.

Cassavetes is excited about the project and the themes he will get to explore. He stated: “The show explores some real issues going on in this country today: the difficulty of attaining the modern American dream, and the complexity of marriage, family and friendship,…There are some really great parts and characters — it’s going to be a helluva ride.”

This newest project continues a recent Hollywood trend of adapting Scandinavian hits to American television or film (“The Killing,” “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”).

Cliff Dorfman will be writing the script on Cassavetes’ latest project, and Lars Lundstrom, the writer of the original Swedish series, will serve as a co-executive producer on the show. Dorfman previously worked as a writer on the hit show “Entourage.”

Cassavetes has spent his career going between major studio releases such as “The Other Woman” and grittier indie dramas such as “Expiration,” which is set to start filming this month in Europe, and will hopefully be released in film festivals later in the year.

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