Hollywood Nick Cassavetes to Direct 'Expiration'

Nick Cassavetes to Direct ‘Expiration’


Nick Cassavetes‘ next project behind the camera will be directing the film “Expiration.”

The Greek-American is helming the action-thriller for Corsan Films, CEO Paul Breuls announced today at the Toronto Film Festival. The story centers on an ex-CIA operative-turned-assassin who fails his assignment after being poisoned. With only 20 hours left to live, he sets out to discover who poisoned him in an effort to settle the score before he dies.

The screenplay is written by Brian Tucker and filming is expected to begin in Europe in February 2015.

Cassavetes recently directed the comedy “The Other Woman,” starring Cameron Diaz. In addition to “Expiration,” he is also scheduled to direct and co-write “Kentucky Rhapsody,” which chronicles the real-life story of Kentucky Governor Albert “Happy” Chandler, who uprooted his family to Las Vegas in the 1970s.

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