Greek News Deal Between Indian Billionaire And Greek Cigarette Company Failed

Deal Between Indian Billionaire And Greek Cigarette Company Failed

The Indian billionaire Raja Bommidala was interested in purchasing the 50.36% of the shares of the Greek Cooperative Cigarette Manufacturing Company (SEKAP). The deal started in 2003 but it has not been completed.

Raja Bommidala is the director of the BBM Group that received Tobacco Board awards for being India’s biggest exporter of cut rag.

After having made its reputation on export markets with contract manufacture, the group is now aiming gradually to reposition itself toward the higher value market sectors by increasing sales of its own brands, which already account for about half of its sales.

BBM offers a number of king-size filter cigarettes in regular and round-cornered hinge-lid packs, and it can manufacture a wide range of products, including those with complex filters.

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