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The Influence of Ancient Greece on Buddhism

Although Ancient Greece and Buddhism seem to be completely unrelated, Ancient Greek thought and aesthetics actually had a major influence on the Eastern religion by which, in turn,  Greek philosophy was also impacted. Buddhism originated in ancient India at some...

What Did India Learn from the Ancient Greeks?

The interaction of the two great ancient civilizations of Greece and India began with the invasion of Alexander the Great in 326 BC.

The “Greek Goddess of Bollywood”: Elli Avram

Greek actress Elisabet Avramidou Granlund left her home in Sweden at the tender age of 21 to move to India to become an actress in Bollywood. This is quite unusual, one might say, as the immigration route for most...

The Countries With Nuclear Weapons and Why Others Can’t Have Them

Why are some countries allowed to have nuclear weapons while others cannot? The Russia-Ukraine crisis has the world on edge, as countries with nuclear bombs like Russia threaten to unleash their destruction. But who are the so-called nuclear powers? Nuclear...

Top Ten Military Powers in the World Right Now

Lists of strongest military forces are appearing in various publications now that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has the world standing on edge

The Peacock in Greek Mythology was Ancient Symbol of Royalty, Power

The peacock plays a role in ancient Greek mythology as the symbol of the goddess Hera, the consort of Zeus. Originally from India, where they were symbolic of royalty, they were later brought to ancient Babylon by Indian traders...

The Mystery of the Greek Skeletons Found at Roopkund Lake, India

Researchers have determined that skeletons found at India's Roopkund Lake belonged to Greeks who visited the site in the 1800s.

Indian PM Modi Moved by Greek Students Singing National Song of India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was moved after hearing a group of Greek students singing "Vande Mataram," the national song of India. Modi lauded the Greek highschool students from the region of Ilia on his monthly radio address to the...

The Oracle that Stopped Alexander the Great’s Invasion of India

Alexander the Great's planned invasion of India was only stopped in 326 BC by the oracular prophesy he received from the Indian sadhu Kalanus (Calanus). by Ajith Kumar Anyone familiar with the history of Alexander the Great will easily recognize the...

Delta Plus: New Coronavirus Mutation Alarms Global Health Officials

Delta plus , a new variant of the original Delta variation of the coronavirus, has spread around the world. Are our vaccines effective enough?