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Greek Football Star Dazzles Turkish Crowd with Zeibekiko Dance

Greek football star Tasos Bakasetas danced a zeibekiko wearing the Greek flag in front of thousands of Turkish football fans who celebrated winning the championship on Saturday evening. Bakasetas, who plays for Turkish 2021-22 champions Trabzonspor based in Trabzon, Pontus...

The Magic of Greek Dancing: Greece’s Greatest Traditional Dances

Thursday is International Dance Day and how better to celebrate than by discovering five of the most popular Greek dances! 

The History and Tradition of the Greek Dance Zeibekiko

The zeibekiko requires an inner intensity, as it is an improvised movement that expresses the feelings of the individual who gets up to dance.

Russia’s Zakharova Joins in with Ballet Dancing the Zebeikiko

The Russian National Ballet at Kostroma performed the greek dance Zeibekiko in front of an official representative of the Foreign Ministry of Russia.

Greeks in Lebanon Devasted after Beirut Apocalypse

Greeks in Lebanon have suffered -and are still sufering greatly- after the Beirut blast. A new film by journalist George Eid, who is part of the Greek community of Beirut, Lebanon, portrays the devastating effects of the August 4,...

Maria Menounos Dances the Zeibekiko at Pre-Wedding Athenian Party

Maria Menounos threw a pre-wedding party in Athens on Thursday evening two days before her second wedding to Keven Undergaro in her father's hometown village. The famous TV presenter danced the zeibekiko, a passionate, improvised traditional Greek dance. The couple got married...

Greek Girl Sends Internet Wild with Zeibekiko Dance (video)

A young Greek girl has stunned a crowd of tourists and local people by performing an amazing Greek dance called the zeibekiko on the island of Kastellorizo. The scene, captured by Cibele Almeida, a visitor to the island, had gone viral...

Greek and Turkish Folk Dances With Common Origins, Still Popular Today

Many Greek folk dances go way back to the days of the Byzantine Empire, and as a result are still very popular among Turkish people, says a Daily Sabah report. Today, when Turks refer to Greek dance, the focus is...

The Zeibekiko of a Strong Soul (Video)

Nothing can stop the strong-willed soul of a man who wants to dance to the rhythm of a Greek zeibekiko. In this case, the popular "Zeibekiko Tis Evdokias" (Evdokia's Zeibekiko). During halftime, the song began to play and basketball player...