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US State Department

State Department Issues Worldwide Alert for US Citizens

Amidst the war between Israel and Hamas, the U.S. State Department has issued a worldwide security alert for American citizens abroad. The advisory comes in the wake of heightened tensions triggered by Hamas' recent terror attack on Israel and...

US State Department Responds to Provocative Turkish Map

The US State Department released a statement affirming Greek sovereignty in response to a map that showed many Greek islands, including all of Crete, as Turkish territory. "Our position on this issue is clear...the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Greece...

US State Department Reacts to Turkey’s Statements about Greece

The US State Department reacted with a strong message on Friday to the latest comments by Turkish President Erdogan about the Aegean islands. 

US State Department Deplores Closing of Halki Seminary 50 Years Ago

The seminary at Halki, Turkey, was closed on July 29, 1971 when Turkey ruled that all private institutions of higher learning be closed.

Cuba Protests: US, Greece, and other Countries Release Joint Statement

The United States, Greece, and several other countries have released a joint statement condemning the Cuban government's response to the demonstrations that took place in the country this past month.  The other countries that co-signed the statement were Austria,...

US to Sanction Cuban Security Forces After Protests

The United States' Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced in a press release on Thursday that the US will be sanctioning Cuban security officials over their violent handling of the protests held this month in Cuba. Secretary Blinken announced on...

US Warns Turkey on “Provocative” and “Unacceptable” Cyprus Stance

The US sent a stern warning to Turkey on the anniversary of the invasion of Cyprus, saying it opposes a unilateral decision to open Varosha.

US to Advise Against Travel to 80% of Globe Due to Coronavirus Risk

The US State Department will soon advise residents not to travel to fully 80% of the nations of the world due to elevated coronavirus risk.

Blinken Expresses US Support for Greece-Turkey Talks

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has expressed Washington’s support for exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey.

US State Department Welcomes Greece-Turkey Exploratory Talks

A US State Department spokesperson on Tuesday said that the United States welcomed the restarting of the long-awaited exploratory talks between Greece and Turkey, which will begin on January 25 in Ankara. The spokesperson said that the United States supports ...