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Piraeus Bank Expects to Raise $1.66 Billion Though Equity Offering

Piraeus Bank, one of Greece's four big lenders, expects to raise 1.38 billion euros ($1.66 billion) through the capital increase process

Greek Tax Authorities Raid Home of Former UBS Local Bank Boss

Greek authorities have raided the home of a former local boss of UBS investment bank as part of an extensive investigation into suspected tax evasion. Hellenic Police raided the home of Christos Sclavounis in Athens and took away computers, documents and...

Greek Government Bond Yields At Sky High Again As Political Instability Grows

Following in the footsteps of the virtual collapse of the Greek stock market and the overall political climate prevailing in the country, Greek government bond yields have shot through the roof, with 10-year bond yields moving up by 2.1%...

100 Greeks in ‘Borjans List’ Asked to Explain Bank Deposits

Financial prosecutors have sent notices to 100 Greek citizens asking them to explain their large bank deposits in Switzerland’s UBS, as part of the ongoing investigation in the so-called ‘Borjans list’, it was announced on Thursday. The list of bank...

Greek Authorities Raid UBS Branch in Athens

Greek financial authorities acted on a bank account list recently provided by German authorities by raiding the UBS Athens branch on Friday evening and seizing information. Following the raid, Greek authorities identified 200 people who were included in the latest bank account compilation that has...

After the Haircut, What Next for Greece?

The signs are all there that investors have really given up on Greece: analysts no longer say “if” when[...]

Investors in Greece Will Lose a Bundle – Maybe Everything

BRUSSELS - Officials of the Eurozone, the 17 countries who use the euro as a currency, have confirmed that banks and investors in Greece will lost at least half their money even as speculation built they could lose everything. Eurogroup...