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Temple of Artemis

Gate to Temple of Zeus Unearthed in Magnesia, Asia Minor

The ancient Greek city of Magnesia in Asia Minor, now part of Turkey's Aydin province, was home to a spectacular stadium, temples, and other monuments; it has now exposed another of its ancient treasures—the gate to a temple dedicated...

Long Lost Temple of Artemis in Evia, Greece Reveals More Secrets

A long-lost temple dedicated to the Goddess Artemis that was finally discovered in Evia, Greece after 100 years of archaeological research is revealing more of its secret treasures. The temple was discovered by a team from the Swiss Archaeological School...

Archaeologists Find New Treasures at the Temple of Artemis in Evia

Archaeologists have discovered new findings in the Temple of Artemis, which is located east of Amarynthos in Evia, central Greece.

Temple of Artemis in Vavrona Flooded

The archaeological site of Vavrona, near Athens, Greece, flooded today after several hours of non stop torrential rain and within a few hours, the temple, dedicated to goddess Artemis, was turned into a lake as the muddy water covered...