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The Greek Genocide and Extermination of Pontic Greeks

The Greek genocide and the Pontic genocide instigated by the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish national movement is a dark moment for Greece

The Day Greeks of Smyrna Welcomed the Hellenic Fleet in Asia Minor

On May 14, 1919, thousands of Greeks of Smyrna wore their best clothes and rushed to the city's seafront to get a glimpse of the Hellenic navy. On that day, what had been for centuries the Greek metropolis in...

Iconic “Greek Slave” Statue Depicts Orphaned Girl from Greece’s Psara

The "Greek Slave," represents the incredible but true story of a girl from Psara who was captured in the Greek War of Independence.

Aristotle Onassis: Greece’s Larger Than Life Tycoon

Aristotle Onassis was one of the most famous Greeks in the entire world in the 20th century, a visionary and one of the richest men

Virtual Lecture Delves into the History and Destruction of Smyrna

A virtual lecture on the history and the destruction of the great city of Smyrna in Asia Minor will be held this coming Tuesday. Organized by College Year in Athens (CYA) and the Greek Consulate General in Boston, the lecture...

Byzantine Fortress in Ancient Greek City Pyrgion to be Unearthed

A Byzantine fortress will soon be unearthed at the ancient city of Pyrgion, the modern-day city of Birgi in what is now western Turkey, according to a statement from its lead archaeologist Veli Sevin on Friday. Excavations have already begun...

Greece to Mark 100th Anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe

The Ministry of Culture in Greece announced on Monday that it will dedicate 2022 to the anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe and to the promotion of the memory and identity of the refugee communities. Under the "All Greece one...

The History of the Ancient Greek City of Smyrna

Smyrna was once one of the most illustrious of all ancient and Hellenistic-era Greek cities. One of the main centers of Greek settlement in western Anatolia, it once had a temple dedicated to Athena and was the residence of...

Restrooms Found in 2nd-Century BC Theater in Smyrna

Archaeology isn't just beautiful ancient sculptures and temples -- at times it's the everyday things that allow us to glimpse what life was like in said of old -- as we saw recently in the discovery of a restroom...

Giorgos Seferis: The First Greek Poet to Win the Nobel Prize

On December 10, 1963, Greek diplomat and poet Giorgos Seferis was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature by King Gustav of Sweden.