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Sex Scenes Shot at the Acropolis Cause Stir in Greece

A video of lurid sex scenes shot at the Acropolis in the midst of visitors has caused furore in Greece with authorities investigating the incident

Who Beheaded The Kritios Boy, the Masterpiece of Ancient Greek Art?

The Kritios Boy, a statue displayed at the Acropolis Museum is one of the most important works of ancient Greek art and the most characteristic of the so-called "Severe Style". The statue’s torso was found in 1865-1866 southeast of the...

10 Ancient Greek Temples You Must See

Many important ancient temples are located in Greece and other countries, such as Italy, which were then part of the ancient Greek empire.

Former UK Culture Minister Says Parthenon Marbles Should be Returned

Greece's iconic Parthenon Marbles should be returned to Greece, a former UK culture minister told the press in a podcast on Wednesday. During the interview, with hosts Charlotte Burns and Allan Schwartzman, Ed Vaizey gave his support to restoring the Marbles...

Ten of the Acropolis Museum’s Most Beautiful Exhibits

The Acropolis Museum located only 330 meters (1,000 feet) from the famed hill of the same name hosts some of the world's most important antiquities

Greek Artist Performs Under the Acropolis for Grammy Series

Greek singer George Perris performed his song "No Armor" under the beauty of the Acropolis as part of the Grammys' new "Global Spin" series. The video of the performance, which was released on Tuesday, highlights not only the beauty of...

British Museum Gives False Hope For Return of Parthenon Marbles

The recent suggestion that the British Museum could return the Parthenon Marbles is a false hope, not a promise. By George Vardas George Osborne, the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the British Museum, has just written an op-ed...

Google Search Adds 3D Monuments, Including the Parthenon

Google has added 3D monuments to its search results, including the Parthenon in Athens. The search engine has started incorporating augmented reality (AR) objects into its Google Search feature, which shows results in 3D for space, science and athletes,...

The Oldest Photograph Ever to Be Taken of the Acropolis

French photographer and draughtsman Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey took the first-ever photograph of the Acropolis of Athens in 1842.

The Secrets of the Ancient Neighborhood Beneath the Acropolis

The ancient neighborhood beneath the Acropolis Musum reveals life in ancient Athens long before the Parthenon and the sculptures on the Acropolis