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Mount Athos: A Monastic Community Where Time Stands Still

Mount Athos, referred to in Greek as the "Holy Mountain", is one of the most important centers of the Christian Orthodox world. Home to twenty monasteries under the direct jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, it is governed as...

Russia Hinting at Establishing Exarchate in Turkey, Deepening Schism

The Russian Orthodox Church is hinting that it wants to establish an exarchate in Turkey, as it has just done in Africa, taking 102 formerly Greek Orthodox prelates under its jurisdiction, deepening the schism that opened up in the...

Saint Basil — a Towering Figure in Greek History

Saint Basil is remembered by the Greek people as the figure who bore gifts and helped children and the poor at Christmastime.

The Great Schism Split Christianity into East and West

The East–West Schism that occurred in 1054 represents one of the most significant, and tragic, events in the history of Christianity. Eastern and Western Christians had a history of differences and disagreements, some dating back to the earliest days...

New Opportunities in Catholic and Orthodox Quest for Unity

There are surprising prospects regarding the dialogue between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches on a possible path to unification.

Mount Athos Ban on Females Steeped in History, Mystery

The peninsula of Mount Athos is home to twenty monasteries where only monks are allowed to live and only males are allowed to visit.

The Hymn of Kassiane: Orthodoxy’s Great Lenten Choral Work

The Hymn of Kassiane, sung every Tuesday of Holy Week was composed by one of the few women writing music during Byzantine times.

Why Greek Orthodox Priests Have Beards

The beards of Orthodox priests are some of their most striking attributes, marking them as different from other Western religious men.

March 25 Marks the Annunciation, A Feast for Orthodoxy and Hellenism

March 25 is a very important date for Hellenism as it marks both the anniversary of the Greek War of Independence and the Annunciation.

Why Greeks Celebrate Name Days: An Orthodox Tradition

Name day is a uniquely Greek feast as people celebrate the feast of an Orthodox Christian saint, holy person or martyr they are named after