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What Has Russia Ever Done For Greece?

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has reignited the debate in Greece on the historic relations between the two nations that share a common religion. The destruction of towns and villages in eastern Ukraine, especially Mariupol where tens of thousands of ethnic...

Is There Life After Death? Scientists on Both Sides of Eternal Question

Whether or not there is life after death has been widely debated for many centuries. Many people who have been declared clinically dead have been jolted back to life -- some of them unwillingly -- after experiencing very powerful,...

Meet the Stylites: Byzantine Era’s Most Extreme Hermits

Stylites, the men who practiced the most stringent form of asceticism in the early days of Christianity, took the urge to leave the world behind and become hermits to an extreme that few others could match. Living atop pillars or...

The Great Schism that Split Christianity into East and West

The East–West Schism that occurred in 1054 represents one of the most significant and tragic events in the history of Christianity. Eastern and Western Christians had a history of differences and disagreements, some dating back to the earliest days...

Fr. Alex Karloutsos to be Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

Father Alex Karloutsos, former Vicar General for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, will be receiving a Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work as a spiritual leader, according to a statement released by the White House on Friday. Karloutsos...

Why Greeks Celebrate Name Days: An Orthodox Tradition

Name day is a uniquely Greek feast as people celebrate the feast of an Orthodox Christian saint, holy person or martyr they are named after

Holy Myrrh: The 57 Rare Ingredients of the Sanctified Orthodox Oil

The Holy Myrrh, or Holy Myron, the oil with the highest level of sanctification in the Christian Church, was prepared during the Holy Week at the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul to be distributed throughout the Orthodox world. The sacred liquid...

The Dating of Greek Easter—Explained by A Mathematician

The Greek Orthodox use the calendar devised by Julius Caesar -- the Roman general turned dictator -- versus the calendar tweaked by the Pope.

The Hymn of Kassiane: Orthodoxy’s Great Lenten Choral Work

The Hymn of Kassiane, sung every Tuesday of Holy Week was composed by one of the few women writing music during Byzantine times.

Mount Athos Ban on Females Steeped in History, Mystery

The peninsula of Mount Athos is home to twenty monasteries where only monks are allowed to live and only males are allowed to visit.