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The Diet of Ancient Greek Olympian Athletes

Ancient athletes accomplished many astonishing feats of sport in antiquity. But what diet fueled these ancient athletes and Olympians?

Olympic Gold Medalist Tori Bowie Dies at 32

Tori Bowie, the celebrated sprinter who won gold at the Olympics and World Championships, has died at the age of 32. Her management company confirmed the news. Bowie was discovered dead at her home in Orlando, Florida, where the local...

How to Train Like an Ancient Greek Athlete

Even to this day, the legacy of ancient Greek athletes survives. Modern gym-goers will often comment that their goal is to get the body of a Greek god. Meanwhile, victory at the Olympic Games is regarded as the pinnacle...

Spyros Louis: The Olympics Marathon Hero Who Did it All to Impress a Girl

In the summer Olympics of 1896 in Athens Spyros Louis took advantage of the opportunity to impress his love.

Ancient Greek Sport of Boxing Dropped From Olympics

The ancient Greek sport of boxing will be dropped from the Olympic Games starting in 2028 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided recently. The decision was made after an independent review of boxing at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de...

George Zaharias and Babe Didrikson, the First Power Couple in Sports

Theodore Vetoyanis, known by his ring name of George Zaharias, was more popularly known as "The Crying Greek from Cripple Creek".

The History of Gymnastics from Ancient Greece to Today

As the world watches the gymnastics events at the Tokyo Olympics, we remember the ancient Greeks, who started the history of gymnastics.

The Olympics as an Antidote to War in Ancient Greece

The Olympics was about much more than honoring Zeus or the winners of the games. It was an organized effort to help the Greeks get to know each other better, perhaps inspire them to work together at peace and...

Kyniska of Sparta, the First Female Olympian

Kyniska was a Spartan princess, she went down in history after becoming the first woman to win the Olympics of old.

Greg Louganis: One of the Greatest Divers in History

Greg Louganis, four-time Olympic gold medalist, is thought to be one of the greatest divers in history.