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Greek Olympians Sworn in as Military Officers in Grand Ceremony

A host of Greek Olympians, including multi-medal winning athletes Eleftherios Petrounias and Miltos Tentoglou, have been sworn in as military officers at a ceremony involving the Minister of National Defense Nikos Dendias. Which Greek Olympians were honored and sworn in...

Paris 2024 Olympic Medals Feature the Parthenon and Eiffel Tower

The new Olympic medals for Paris 2024 are made of metal removed from the Eiffel Tower during renovation work in the twentieth century and feature, alongside an image of the historic French monument, a depiction of the Parthenon of...

The Roman Emperor That Was Removed From Olympic Winners List

The Roman Emperor Nero is an infinite source of scandalous tales, matricide, and posthumous sightings, but perhaps the greatest story of all is his Olympic legacy. Nero was emperor of Rome from AD 54 to 69, and throughout his years...

How to Train Like an Ancient Greek Athlete

Even to this day, the legacy of ancient Greek athletes survives. Modern gym-goers will often comment that their goal is to get the body of a Greek god. Meanwhile, victory at the Olympic Games is regarded as the pinnacle...

Spyros Louis: The First Greek Winner of the Marathon Run

In the summer Olympics of 1896 in Athens Spyros Louis took advantage of the opportunity to impress his love.

The Diet of Ancient Greek Olympian Athletes

Ancient athletes accomplished many astonishing feats of sport in antiquity. But what diet fueled these ancient athletes and Olympians?

George Zaharias and Babe Didrikson, the First Power Couple in Sports

Theodore Vetoyanis, known by his ring name of George Zaharias, was more popularly known as "The Crying Greek from Cripple Creek".

Paris to Bring Back Swimming in Seine River After 100 Years

As the Olympics in Paris approach, the city is undergoing a remarkable transformation with a historic clean-up initiative. After being banned for a century due to the polluted water, swimmers and divers are soon to return to the River...

Date for 2024 Paris Olympic Games Flame Lighting Ceremony Revealed

On Friday, the Paris 2024 Olympic Games organizing committee announced that the Olympic Flame will be lit on April 16 next year. As per tradition, the flame will be lit at the ancient Greek site of Olympia where the games...

Kyniska of Sparta, the First Female Olympian

Kyniska was a Spartan princess, she went down in history after becoming the first woman to win the Olympics of old.