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North Africa

90,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Found on a Beach in Morocco

Researchers found two sets of ancient human footprints on a beach in Morocco. They are some of the largest and best-preserved footprints ever discovered. This discovery was revealed in a study published on January 23rd in the journal Scientific Reports....

The Greeks of Alexandria, Egypt

The story of Hellenism in Alexandria goes back more than two millennia, when Alexander the Great established the city.

The Greeks of Cairo: The Fascinating Bond Between Greece and Egypt

The small, but vibrant, community of Greeks, with roots deep in history, remains in the Egyptian capital of Cairo to this day.

Greece to Train Libyan Coast Guard, Expand Investments in Libya

Greece announced it will begin training the Libyan Coast Guard on Monday, as part of a broader effort to expand its ties with the north African country. This announcement comes just a day after the Libyan Investment Authority signed a...

New Scorpion Species With “Greek Origins” Discovered In Turkey

Scientists have recently discovered a new species of Scorpion in Turkey. Scientists describe the new species of scorpion, Euscorpius lycius, from the area of ancient Lycia, which today are regions of the Mugla and Antalya Provinces in Southwestern Turkey....