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Neolithic Age

Oldest City in Europe Is Strofilas in Greece

Strofilas on the island of Andros in Greece is the oldest city in Europe. Dating to 4500 - 3200 BC

Dispilio: The Lakeshore Prehistoric Settlement of Greece

The Dispilio Lakeshore Prehistoric Settlement is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in northwestern Greece

Excavations in Cyprus show Contact with Neighbours in Neolithic Times

Archaeologists in Cyprus discovered a number of objects near the towns of Paphos, that reveal contact between Cyprus and inhabitants of other coasts in Neolithic times. During excavations a number of shallow pits were found, many containing broken objects placed...

Rare Find of Embracing Neolithic Couple Found in Diros Cave

A rare Neolithic-era find of the skeletons of a couple embracing was found in excavations by the northern entrance of the Alepotrypa (“Foxhole”) Cave in southern Greece, the Archaeological Service announced on Thursday. The undisturbed burial was found close to...

Germans Return Stolen Antiquities to Greece

In the month of June, Greek stolen antiquities that are in Germany will be given back to Greece. About 8,000 pieces of vases dating to the Neolithic age were exported illegally to Germany by a group of foreign archaeologists...

New Survey Says Greeks Taught Agriculture to Neolithic Scandinavians

A new Swedish-Danish survey shows that agriculture techniques transferred from Southern to Northern Europe gradually. The scientists examined the DNA of four Scandinavian farmers of the Neolithic Age and found that they had more genes in common with inhabitants of...