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The Assassination of Kapodistrias, the First Leader of Modern Greece

On September 27, 1831, Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first leader of Greece after the Ottoman occupation, was assassinated in Nafplio. His murder robbed the country from the chance to become a modern state sooner. Kapodistrias was born on Corfu on February...

Vacation in Greece: Where to Visit in Argolis, Peloponnese

Located at just under a two-hour drive from Athens, the Argolid Peninsula in the Peloponnese region has a variety of historical sites and is absolutely beautiful with a rich culture for tourists looking for a spectacular vacation in Greece. The...

Bourtzi Island Fortress in Nafplio, Greece Reopens to the Public

The island fortress of Bourtzi, a Venetian castle located in the middle of Nafplio’s harbor in the Peloponnese, will reopen to the public starting this Saturday, as announced on Thursday. In a joint statement, the Culture Ministry and the Hellenic...

10 Reasons to Visit the Peloponnese Region of Greece This Summer

Located at just about a 1-hour drive from Athens, the Peloponnese region offers a plethora of historical sites, culture, and beauty to tourists looking for a spectacular trip in Greece; there are many reasons why this region of Greece...

Exploring Nafplion, the First Capital of Modern Greece

Nafplion is a small city with thousands of years of eventful history and a unique character, full of style and beauty.

The History and How to of Komboloi, or “Greek Worry Beads”

The Komboloi, or worry beads, may be one of the most typical symbols of Greece's easy-going mentality that has been widely established both in Greece and Cyprus since the middle of the 20th century. Yet, the history of the komboloi...

Kate Hudson’s Latest Adventure in Nafplio, Greece

Kate Hudson's most recent stop during her travels around Greece was in Nafplio, a seaside town in the Peloponnese. 

LEGO Celebrates Greek Bicentennial With Historical Figures

To celebrate Greek Bicentennial, Liam Jensen created LEGOS of three figures from the revolution - Kolokotronis, Mavrokordatos and Lord Byron.

Schoolchildren Bring Greek War of Independence to Life in Moving Video

Greek primary school children brought the Greek War of Independence back to life in an amazing video shot at Nafplio.

Psorokostaina a Real Figure in the Greek War of Independence

Psorokostaina, a beautiful lady having a large fortune, was a real person and even a heroic figure during the Greek War of Independence.